Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Getting Back to Basics

There's that time when we all have a moment of inspiration. Something that motivates us, an uncontrollable, yet completely welcoming sensation that something good can and will happen, as long as we act upon this inspiration or motivation.

As I'm sure you are able to guess by now, Obama has lead millions on a new path, a path towards becoming better at something, on both civilian and humanitarian levels. For me, personally, I found Obama to be that sole piece of inspiration/motivation. However, after some self-discussion, I realized it wasn't Obama, rather it was his words, his charismatic presence, and his ideas that gave me a presence of mind that I need to start fresh tomorrow.

So, it was with that period of enlightenment yesterday that I decided to sit back, enjoy history, content myself with a few glasses of wine, and then prepare myself for what lies ahead tomorrow (or today, actually).

What am i going to do in my new process? A little list for those list-lovers:

1.) Think less. Act more.
2.) Don't fear or hesitate on decisions.
3.) Create inspiration and motivation for others.
4.) Make my work, words, and ideas have an impact on others.
5.) Find the path of fulfillment.
6.) Don't make promises anymore, rather make favors. make statements.

So, hopefully you will take some time in your day today to make a change for yourself, and for the better. This is not a 'lose 10 pounds' resolution. This is a 'I'll do something today, for tomorrow.'

Enjoy your day, and look forward to tomorrow.

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