Saturday, December 6, 2008

My journey into the internet/money-making world began my freshman year at college. I was trying to find a job that would pay a few bucks a week. I was dumb enough to have fallen for those 'Pay' for survey affiliate sites... it stills upsets me of my "freshman mentality". I guess when I was younger, as many people are, I thought it was legit, but as they say... if it's always too good to be true, then it IS. I did find a couple survey sites that did pay me, but it was in pennies and wa soverall not worth my time.

So for $25 I learned to NEVER pay for anything... and that you gotta really search into the internet to find something. You cannot put a price on experience and wisdom, so I cannot say I regret anything.

I am certain that majority of you readers are saying 'DUH' right now, but I am hoping that this post, my words, will have allowed at least one person to stay away form any scams.
As well, I know that there are freelance sites, such as elance, odesk, etc. that have membership fees... but those are not worth it either.

The philosophy I follow is 'Don't pay, Get paid.' A little lame, but it's true.


Anonymous said...

that is so true. I have been working in the work at home world for four years now and learned very quickly to never pay for employment. If they want money it is a scam. You can find lots of work at home jobs without paying any money.

Jeff Beer said...

Thanks for reading our blog! As well, good to see you agree with out post... it's very true in that there are too many scams out there... but there are also just as many opportunities as well!